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Orange Line
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OIL an established and leading global company formation specialist have been in the business since 1986 with a brand look and feel that was reminiscent of that era. When the plans for the new website were announced and the project was awarded to Fluid Digital, it quickly became apparent that the existing brand visual would not translate well across the new digital platform nor could it deliver the essence and vision of the OIL brand.

Fluid branding team spent some time with key members of the OIL team to truly understand their goals and visions for the future of the business and it quickly became apparent that their desire to be forward thinkers and visionaries within their sector, coupled with their strong client serving and relationship building skills were going to be key to our design efforts.

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A Few More Things Oh Hello


CTPS (China Translation & Printing Services Ltd) approached Fluid for branding services of a new digital leg to their ever-growing business.

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Heng Tai

Heng Tai Consumerables Group - a one-stop logistics service platform incorporating FMCG Trading, Cold Chain Logistic and Agri-products has unveiled its new Fluid designed brand identity.

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This month it’s Fluid’s Branding Project Manager, Elaine Kwan that we spent a little time getting to know!

Super powers. Choose from flight, teleportation or time control. Which will it be?
Teleportation for sure! Can't think of anything better than sort of being in multiple places at once.

If you could erase a music genre from existence would you? Which one?
I appreciate all different types of music, but I guess one I can do without involves music with a lot of head-banging and screaming

If you had to face an undefeatable wave of zombies to one song, your swan song, what would it be?
I have never been asked this question before...I love the soundtrack from the movie Gladiator.

Water Cooler
DJ The legend Greg Wilson comes to Hong Kong and oh how we danced to his soulful mixes.
Pintrest The Fluid girlies especially lurvvve Pinterest at the moment! Watch out for Fluid's Pinterests... coming soon.
DJ While away the hours perusing totally pointless but highly desirable items at

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